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Get ready to be challenged in an intuitive coaching workshop to make positive changes in your life

My workshops are fun, hands-on, and interactive. While I offer workshops on selected topics, I also design workshops for specific needs from healing family and relationships to taking control of health and financial challenges.

Chipo has helped me open my horizons by challenging my beliefs and sharing her own personal discoveries; she has been my lifeline over these many years.

— Professor Laurence Ewashko, University of Ottawa and University of Montreal; Chorus Master, Opera Lyra; Artistic Director, Outaouais Sacred Music Festival

Although I’m based in Ottawa, I can deliver workshops anywhere, even at a retreat location. I can conduct the session in person, by phone, or by Skype.

Workshop topics

Let’s look at some of my selected workshop topics using intuitive coaching:

Achieve your goals, enrich your life

In one four-hour workshop, I use heart-centred intuitive coaching to guide you on how to draw the best out of any situation. I’ll also show you how to put what you’ve learned in action. The results are reduced stress, increased satisfaction with life, and enhanced confidence.

Heal your inner conflict, free yourself to forgive

In this powerful, four-hour workshop, I use the gentle approach of New Decision Therapy™ to heal inner conflict. Once you’ve healed, you can forgive, leaving you free to accomplish your goals. Through a step-by-step process, you’ll learn how to make positive changes such as healing inner conflicts, quitting smoking, and handling anger and stress.

Use your natural energy, live your dream life

Your body stores energy. I can show you how to use that energy to make you feel positive on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. In this session of eight evenings or two weekends, you’ll learn how to identify your energy centers and how to keep them open for doing the things you love to do for yourself, with your family, and at work.

Ease your fears, survive in peace

By learning which of your four archetypes, or roles, help you survive, you can understand what fears you need to confront. In this powerful, four-hour workshop, I teach you how to harness the energy that flows from each archetype so you can resolve inner struggles. This workshop is designed for people, especially couples, who need to resolve difficulties in their relationships.