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Helping YOU build bridges to your heart by bringing intuitive coaching into YOUR Life
Born in Zimbabwe, I am the product of my ancestors. My education –traditional allopathic medicine training as a nurse & midwife – and wanderlust took me from Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom and, eventually, to Canada, which I now call home, though I will always consider myself a citizen of Planet Earth.
As a child and as a nurse, I had this ingrained conviction that my responsibility was to assist others and that other people’s needs came first. After a medical evacuation from the Northern Arctic Hospital to a Southern teaching hospital and neurologists and surgeons informing me that my persistent headaches were all in my head and recommending brain surgery, I had to take stock of my life. Overworking, stress, weariness, and health difficulties were wreaking havoc on my life and marriage. I was unable to follow my intuition or the nature of my spirit to do what was best for my relationship or my wellbeing.
After recognizing that my mind controlled my body, I began to utilize my medical talents and multi-disciplinary training in body, mind, spirit, and
emotions, as well as my knowledge and intuition, to heal and become whole again.
Now, as a trained medical intuitive counselor/coach, my mission is to assist people and groups in reconnecting with their true identity and to assist companies in cultivating a healthy culture.
I am a bridge-builder. No, I’m not a civil engineer! As an intuitive counselor, coach, speaker, and energy medicine facilitator, I use my brand of heart-centered intuitive methods to build healing bridges between you and your past, you and your present, you and your future, and you and your outer and inner worlds/environment. That’s a lot of bridge-building!
To find the diamond you have to dig DEEP.
You can also tune into my podcast to learn more about letting go of chaos and creating the life you crave.
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