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Meeting organisers –  get your audience challenged with intuitive coaching keynotes

Enrich your gathering with one of my keynotes incorporating the principles and benefits of heart-centred intuitive coaching. Delivered with warmth and caring, I promise to inspire and motivate with a presentation that involves your audience members.

Event attendees will learn how to turn your life around

While my keynotes cover a wide range of topics, I can design a specific topic for any group, need, or occasion. Although based in Ottawa, I can deliver a keynote anywhere. The topics for my keynotes fall into five categories

1.  Feeling positive about yourself

Many people struggle with self esteem issues. I offer a series of keynotes that deal with the related themes of personality, identity, belief in oneself, and self acceptance so you are more able to nurture successful relationships.

2.  Benefiting from ‘conflict’ and ‘challenge’

Conflict and the resulting stress can be bad for you or good for you. The keynotes that I conduct help you control conflict in your life so you can make positive use of the associated stress.

3.  Increasing your inner wisdom

To learn more about yourself, ask your spirit guides (yes, you have them!) and listen to your inner voice. What do all those things you say to yourself mean? Find out in this keynote.

4.  Healing yourself

Healing applies to health and to hearts. I offer keynotes that show you how to use the power of your own intuition to unleash your healing potential so you can apply it to issues in your life.

5.  Enriching your working life

My business-themed keynotes teach you how to be a better team leader and team player, how to balance your work/home life, and how to change what you don’t like to what you do like.

Give your group members a refreshing and inspiring look
into how intuition can change their lives!