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I am Good Enough for ME

I grew up thinking that I wasn’t good enough for my parents, teachers, and society. But, after this journey of self-discovery (a journey that never really ends), I accepted that I am in fact, good enough for me, and that’s what counts most. In my book I Am Good Enough for ME, I share that journey in the hope that you’ll learn from it too. I wrote the book to educate, inspire, entertain and challenge you. Through this book, you’ll learn the true spirit of heart-centered intuitive coaching. Unlike other self-help books, this book is interactive, giving you a chance to write your own thoughts, memories, and emotions as you ponder the written words. Reading this book could change your life. The inspiration for I Am Good Enough for ME began with my spiritual life in the villages of Zimbabwe.

I donate 50% of the proceeds to fulfill my commitment to the people of Zimbabwe.