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The fact that you are already here is a huge step. If you are not sure how I can help, schedule a discovery session with me and we can discuss.

Typically, I work with single mothers and fathers, couples and companies/businesses but in general, if you are searching for answers such as what your purpose is, or you are simply in quest of a deeper spiritual life, then I can assist you.

No, with respect to public health measures, I currently hold all my sessions virtually (on Zoom).

Each case is different. I work by appointment only. The frequency of our sessions depends on the work that needs to be done, which we will discuss and agree on during your discovery session.

Yes, you would need to book a discovery session.

As an adjective, psychic means “of or relating to the human soul or mind,” or something mental as opposed to physical. It’s also defined in psychology as “pertaining to or noting mental phenomena,” which describes being in tune to some nonphysical force or agency. For example, having heard that colours can provoke a psychic response, I decided to paint the room a calming blue.
So, yes, I am. Everyone has a soul or mind and can read the minds of others. Have you ever stated or known anything before it happened, such as knowing who is on the other end of the phone before picking it up or looking at the caller ID, or knowing the answer to a question before it is asked, or saying I knew it was going to happen? I call that tapping into the field. The quantum field involves tapping into the Human Mind’s Alpha, Theta, and Delta wave frequencies to enter states of profound creativity, intuitive guidance, and even to generate ‘coincidences’ to drive your life forward.
For more information, check out “The Silva Method”
The only way I can provide you with an answer is if you schedule a discovery session for me to get more information about you and your challenge. We both need to feel like we’re a good fit. As I like to say, to find the diamond, you have to dig DEEP. My clients like me because I inspire them to leave their comfort zone and begin digging within themselves. I focus on your challenge or issue and assist you in releasing the block(s) to your success.
Each case is unique. The overall number of our sessions is determined by the challenge or issues you are dealing with and your commitment to do the work, which we will discuss and agree on during your discovery session.
My duty is to help you in every way I can. Consider it like a football game: you are the player, and I am the coach. I have to assist you in reaching your maximum potential; thus, you must put in the effort.

Yes, I have had clients both in the U.S.A and Canada. As long as you have internet access, we should be able to work together!

Without a doubt. I offer a level of confidentiality and privacy to my clients that extends to all types of communication between us. This includes emails, written communication, or during regular sessions. No confidential information is sent by text messages.
I am willing to work with groups, but I would have to speak with each first. It all depends on the nature of the issue at hand. For example, before having a session with a couple, I have one-on-one exploration sessions with each person. You can contact me at  for further details.