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As a spiritual coach, I offer personalized and impactful guidance to my clients. I help them dig deep to find the source of their problems and then support them as they grow in their intuition. To tailor my services to you and your needs, I offer 2 formats of coaching: private coaching and group coaching.

To get to know all my new clients I always start with private coaching sessions where I can connect with them on a personal level. If they then wish to join a group, I place them with one that will suit their needs and personality. 

Have questions about my services?  Check out my FAQ or get in touch.

You are my ‘number one’ priority

So you’re ready to learn more about the powers of your own intuition. Maybe you attended one of my workshops. Maybe you enjoyed one of my intuitive group coaching sessions. Now it’s time to build a healing bridge that takes you down your path to self esteem and peace of mind. Welcome to the power of intuitive coaching in a private coaching setting.

Learn about yourself through others – discover the power of intuitive coaching in a group setting

For my heart-centred group intuitive coaching, I use a volunteer subject whose story exemplifies the chosen theme. By making everyone feel at home and engaged, I turn group coaching sessions into fun, lively, and welcoming sessions. That allows me to feature an issue based on a real-life example so I can facilitate the session more effectively .Group coaching is also a perfect and much more affordable alternative to private coaching.

Private Coaching

Your issue, your needs

The powers of your intuition are inside you; in an intuitively guided, heart-centred private coaching, I can do more to help you tap into those powers more quickly. I can work one-on-one with you on difficult subjects that need privacy in a comfortable setting. Whether you’re having marital difficulties, trouble communicating with your children or spouse, or stress over work or money, I can concentrate on your needs.

For added comfort and convenience, I can conduct a private session at your home or other choice of venue, over the telephone without compromising the results, and via Skype.

Ready to get help on your road to a balanced life?

Group Coaching

Your choice of topics

I can tailor a group session to specific concerns such as being unhappy at work, coping with a recent divorce, or dealing with an aging parent. In each session, I’ll take you through the process of heart-centred intuitive coaching. If you look through my keynotes and workshops topics, you get a better idea of what I can offer in group coaching.

Sharing and supporting

Group coaching works well for people who function openly with others. Participants gain support from other people facing the same issues. At the end of the session, all participants get to share their experiences.

* Please note: to sign up for group coaching you will first need to sign up for individual exploration sessions to help me get to know you and your needs. 

If you feel that sharing your story with others will help you gain the insight and support your need to lead a happier life, then consider group coaching!